kilo kish : open ended

lanaleilani asked: hi! i'm wondering if it's possible to get a hold of some of your instrumentals / stems?? would love to sample/remix you!! thank you for your beautiful energy, you have really helped me!!

answered :)

Anonymous asked: Are You Down For The Cause My Nigga? Or Down With The System? Will You Change Or Conform?

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever done acid?

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sticksofftheground asked: Will you marry me? We can have Meechy marry us Eric Arc handle the music and Chance could be planner

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eanajhayk asked: Duude . You are so cool. I really think you are my soul sister or something. People say I look a lot like you, and you're birthday is two days before mine... Well, you're nine years older than me ,but it still counts, ya know?

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zombiemurdoc asked: What genre do you think you fit better under?

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Anonymous asked: I've never been able to catch you perform live, LA needs some more kilo kish!!! <3

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Anonymous asked: what are your biggest fears?

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whenitstorms asked: Who are some of the artist featured on your across EP

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ask me questions duuuudes, maybe i’ll answer it next! xx 

grizzygrant asked: I heard you're from Bergen County. Much love!

yeah i grew up there from 5-10 yrs old! 

Anonymous asked: What kinda job you had as a teenager?

i worked at outback steakhouse as a host (16) and then i worked at a boutique in soho when i moved to nyc (18)

donaldkaneda asked: You rocked it on Kitty Cash's tape. That Crew Love "cover" was excellent. Lol.

hahaha thanks 

Anonymous asked: Will you go to prom with me?

i’m a grown up, maybe someone at your school is a better fit haha

Anonymous asked: How do you gain so much self confidence?

i think i’m a daring person, i will try most things to see what happens, but i’m never really sure, or confident in any of those moments, i’m just not scared to the point that it cripples me from doing something